Wonjune Lee (이원준, 李源晙)

The 13th generation of Deokheung Daewongun (덕흥대원군, 德興大院君)
The regent of Joseon Dynasty Korea

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My Land & My People by Dalai Lama

Here, I would like to share what the Chinese did to Tibetan people, the only people who possess secret knowledge of I’m looking for all my life. If you are lazy watch this documentary instead. My Land & My People by Dalai Lama   Chapter 5 – INVASION The Chinese requisitioned houses, and bought or rented others; and beyond the… Read more →

About Wonjune LEE

I have traveled all around the world searching for the meaning of life. I had been in a sect for 11 years (don’t ask which one for your own safety, it says “ignorance is bliss”). Finally I realized that there is no such truth. I realized that family has the greatest value in our life. Probably until my death, I… Read more →

Love Panama

Land is man’s own soul. Water is man’s own heart.
I’ve found where I want to belong.